GracePoint Says “Thank You!”


No one ever makes a journey completely on their own. GracePoint Church is certainly no exception. While in our strenuous pursuit for kingdom progress, we want to pause and say “thank you” to some of the key influences in the life of our church.

Grace Baptist Fellowship

  • Marshall Shannon (Ministry Design Concepts) – Marshall has been a personal ministry mentor to Pastor Andrew over the last several years. His passion for healthy churches and his experience as a pastor provides GracePoint with the wisdom we need to move forward in a direction that pleases the Lord.
  • Marty Hartman, Will and Sara Meadows, and Jeanne Petrizzo – This fabulous design and wordsmithing team has helped us communicate our message effectively through art and language. For their countless hours of work, we are indebted.
  • Partners of GracePoint – Individuals throughout the country have been praying for and giving to the ministry at GracePoint. We are indebted to these loving individuals.
  • Local Pastors – We are thankful for all the regional pastors and churches who have been faithfully proclaiming the Word of God and the good news of Jesus to this region. They have been such an encouragement to us as we seek to accomplish the mission of Christ.
  • Doug Sanford, Shane Ward, and the North Dam Mill – We are very thankful for Doug Sanford, the owner of the facility, and Shane Ward, the manager. They have bent over backwards to make this mill such an amazing place. Working with them has been a genuine pleasure.