core value

Core Values


Core Values are slightly different than our statement of doctrinal beliefs, although they can and probably should have some overlap. Our core values are the beliefs that uniquely define us and make us different from the church down the street or the charitable organization you may volunteer at. This is our DNA.


Biblical authorityBible

– God has spoken to us through the Bible and both our beliefs and our actions are determined by it. No Debate.


God does the impossibleimpossible1

– Changing the hearts and minds of an individual soul, much less tens of thousands of souls is not hard. Golf is hard. Finding a job is hard. Paying your bills is hard. Changing hearts and minds is impossible. We can’t do the impossible, but we trust and see God do it every day.



The Great Commission is not optionalGreatCommission_vi

– Jesus’ command to make
disciples was not a suggestion. If
we are not making gains in both the number and maturity of disciples, we are not obeying Christ. A failure to reach people with the gospel is a sin to be repented of, not a program to tweak.

people matter

Numbers matter    

– Numbers matter because people matter. Each
number is a person, a soul. People matter to God. People matter to us.



People trump programspeople

– We believe that people are the church.
They don’t come to church to run our
programs. The church exists for Jesus and people. Programs are evaluated, implemented, or terminated on this basis. We exist to develop people.




Change is goodChange

– Change can be fearful at times, often to the point of paralyzation. At GracePoint we believe that change and growth are good. We all need to develop in our relationship with God and others. God is the only one who does not change (thankfully). We must change and seek to do so.